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Welcome to ToneFit! We are a private, full service personal training studio designed with YOU in mind.

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You will begin with a full fitness analysis. Here we will get baseline numbers and discuss your fitness & health goals in detail. Once we know what you want to achieve, we set up a realistic approach to get you there. No more guesswork!


Now the fun begins! Based on your preference you will begin one on one training or semi-private training with your personal coach. Your workouts will be fun, exciting, and challenging. We book sessions to fit your schedule.


Here is where you reap the benefits of all your hard work! Most of our clients lose anywhere from 20-30 lbs of body fat, while simultaneously gaining lean muscle mass. This is what gives the "tone" and "fit" effect we all desire. 

Meet Your coaches

Tony - Owner & Head Coach

I've evolved from training at big box gyms, small private facilities, to eventually opening my own private personal training gym, ToneFit Studio, in Winter Park, Fl. 

Over the years I've been honored to help hundreds of clients achieve their fitness goals. My clientele has ranged from professional athletes, to working professionals, to everyone in between.

Competing in bodybuilding and men's physique competitions has been a hobby of mine for years. I've competed on a national level; placing in the top 5 in every show. I love challenging myself the same way I challenge my clients.

Evelise - Coach

I myself was once very inactive and unhappy with my appearance. Mentally it was draining and the lifestyle I was pursuing was unhealthy.

I made big changes and here I am today as a Personal Trainer. I want to help others achieve a balanced lifestyle that focuses on all dimensions of having an active and healthy life.

My goal is to empower my clients to achieve their ultimate fitness goals with knowledge, support, guidance, and skills. My role is to motivate and make training a fun and rewarding experience. The journey is endless.


Since starting I am down 21 lbs, have drastically increased my strength and endurance, and we are working towards accomplishing much more! They are 100% invested in your goals and set a path to help you REALISTICALLY achieve them! I hesitated initially when making this decision but I am so so so glad that I did!

Sarah D.

Tony is an amazing personal trainer! He designs a plan that is right for you and your body. He caters your workouts for your personal goals and he tells you what you need to get there. He has so much knowledge and passion for what he does and he never fails to keep your fitness journey diverse and interesting. I highly recommend him!

Kristina S.

I can honestly say working with Tony was a blast. He provides a friendly learning environment with his training. You learn about the different muscle groups and how your form can target the area more effectively. Tony is always available for his clients but most of all- you will get the results you want!

Claudymire B.


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